The Importance of Annual Back Flow Valve Testing


It is important to perform active maintenance on plumbing in homes and businesses so as to discover problems that could lead to potentially extensive damage later on or compromise the health of individuals’ drinking water from a specific plumbing source. An important aspect of plumbing maintenance includes back-flow valve testing. This type of testing should be performed once a year to ensure proper function and safety.

A back-flow valve is required when a safe water source used for drinking water (potable) is connected with a water source that is not safe for drinking (non-potable). The back-flow valve prevents the non-potable water source from contaminating the potable water source. The back-flow valve keeps undesirable material (whether it is contaminated water, other fluids, gasses, or solids) from entering the potable water source. Put simply, the back-flow valve prevents water from flowing in the opposite direction it was intended.

As is evident, it is important to check back-flow valves to make sure they are working correctly. Checking these valves ensures that the potable water source at a home or business remains uncontaminated, guaranteeing that individuals, families, and employees are safe and have access to clean drinking water without worry.

When individuals, business owners, and families are looking for qualified plumbing companies to check their back-flow valve function, it is important to find a company with plenty of experience and the integrity to complete the job in a timely manner and that will only perform maintenance if it is necessary. Since checking the function of back-flow valves is an involved and in-depth process, it is important to find a trustworthy company that will treat a home or business with care and perform the necessary tests in a professional manner to ensure that the back-flow valve is functioning properly and that individuals have access to clean, uncontaminated drinking water.

If one believes there is a problem with the water supply due to a back-flow valve issue, some plumbing companies are even available on nights and weekends to assist with serious problems such as these. Companies that are commission-free won’t feel the need to try to create a problem that isn’t there just to make money, so this is another important aspect to consider when searching for a company to help with back-flow issues or just to check the valves to make sure there isn’t a problem. Companies should ensure proper documentation of the findings when checking the back-flow valve and provide that to the customer so that they can have it for the next annual test they have done on their home or business.

Back-flow valves are a very important aspect of a home or building’s plumbing and should be taken seriously so as to prevent loved ones, employees, customers, etc. from coming into contact with water that has been contaminated. In addition, it is also important to seek out a professional plumbing company characterized by integrity and honesty. Back-flow valves keep families and workplaces healthy, so it only makes sense to hire the best of the best to work on the plumbing that keeps families and businesses safe and on-track.

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