Is Installing a Dual Flush Toilet Worth the Investment?


Lowering utility costs is extremely important to many consumers. Dual flush toilets are a great way to do this. This might appear as a good step to making that upfront investment with the new decision. However, this can only be proven true depending on several other circumstances. This may include:

• Initial cost of installing the toilet.
• The amount of water used.
• Current utility rates for the household.

Beyond these basic factors, considering other high-end possibilities should make it more important to review both types of toilets before investing in one.

User Friendliness

Individuals who have used a dual flush toilet can attest that it can take a lot of force to push the buttons. However, this seems not to be an issue for most users, and will depend on the brand and model of toilet you choose.

There is also the issue of having two buttons both placed in the same circle. Most individuals can easily navigate to which button they want to use. However, this design could pose a challenge for the visually impaired or individuals having motor control difficulties. Flushing fluid waste using full flow will beat the logic of energy and water conservation. The same applies when these individuals press the half volume flush for solid waste as they will have to press full-flow to get rid of the same. The manufacturers have solved this issue by clearly labeling or colouring the buttons differently. The manufacturers choose which practice to be consistent with.


A typical dual flush toilet tends to hold lesser water in its bowl as compared to single flush designs. One may associate lesser water with better looks or reduced costs but as matter of functionality, streaking appears to be more likely if less water is used. This is because it is harder to get rid of solid waste with less water regardless. This has been sorted out by how perfect the bowl has been glazed. Considering a multiple flush as a way of counteracting this deficiency beats the logic behind water conservation. It is therefore imperative to realize that health matters are more important than conserving water. No one desires to scrub a host of germs after every flush. Even if the investor does not consider the streaking part, having more water would necessitate thorough cleaning of the bowl inside, up the sides and under the rim. The manufacturers have solved this problem by initiating high pressure techniques with improved materials for better intelligence geometry and bigger traps.

Conclusively, double flush toilets come as the next generation design and will surely perform even as they are being perfected in different models and styles. It is important for to carry out due diligence for a double flush toilet if you’re considering installing one. This will enable you to carefully choose the best of such toilets in the market even as you replace the existing one. Replacing a toilet is costly and more so dual flush designs come at a bit higher prices. However, money will be saved in the long run with water bills.