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Why Is the Water Pressure Low in My Shower Head?

Showering is a daily activity that many people take for granted. When you turn on the water tap, you expect a healthy stream of water to follow. Unfortunately, what if there is low water pressure from the shower? No matter how much you adjust the faucet, barely any water comes out of the showerhead. Low water [ … ]

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What Causes Rust Stains in Sink Plumbing?

Typically, your kitchen or bathroom sinks look shiny, spotless, and sparkling clean. However, you may feel baffled when rust stains appear on your fixtures. Over time, there may be a coating of reddish-brown rust near the faucets, drains, or pipes. These stains look unsightly and unhygienic, making you hesitate to approach the sink. Rust stains in [ … ]

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