Facing a Drainage Problem? Consider Sewer Jetting


What is Sewer Jetting?

A sewer jetter, also known as a hydro-jetter is relatively popular in modern day plumbing and drain cleaning activities. This equipment is effectively used in clearing up drain obstructions. Apart from this equipment, plumbing professionals may also use standard cable machines to clear drain obstructions. However, sewer jetters tend to be more effective for everyday drainage problems.

Sewer jetting involves using hydro-jetters in an effort to clear away drainage obstructions. The process includes the use of high pressure water streams to fight built up obstructions in drainage lines and tanks. The hydro-jetters blast out waters with extreme pressures, in the range of 7000 PSI to up to 60000 PSI. With such high pressures flowing through problematic drains, you can be sure that any obstructions will be broken up and cleared away easily.

Removing Obstructions

When facing a drainage problem, there are many potential causes. The drainage passages might be experiencing blockage from hard or soft obstructors. For hard obstructors like a tree root, the best solution would be a combined use of a hydro-jetter and a hydraulic root cutter.

This is what makes sewer jetting so effective. The root cutter is attached to the jetter hose and inserted into the pipe. When the pump is engaged, the water pressure of the hydro-jetter rotates the blade of the root cutter. While working inside a drainage passage, these two methods combine effectively so that the hydro-jetter assists the root cutter in cutting off any hard obstructions. The pressurized water then effectively clears out the drainage stream.

Home Jetting Application

When using hydro-jetting for home drainage problems, the first thing you should understand is that cleaning should always be performed from the high-end to low-end. The high-end is where the flow originates. Cleaning from high-end to low-end makes sure the debris is driven downward with some help from gravity.

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