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Why Is the Water Pressure Low in My Kitchen Sink?

What’s the most important room in your house? For most people, it is the kitchen. This is where we prepare delicious meals every day. In order for the kitchen to run smoothly, all appliances and plumbing fixtures must be in working order. This includes the kitchen sink, a reliable water source that we use for cooking, [ … ]

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7 Signs of a Leaking Outdoor Faucet

Nobody wants to find a water leak in their plumbing system. Unfortunately, this is a common issue and it’s up to you to detect the leak as early as possible. If your faucet has been leaking for some time, look for pooling water around the house and inspect the foundation for cracking or shifting. Also, pay [ … ]

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What Causes Noise From Pipes When a Toilet Flushes?

The toilet is one of the most essential fixtures in our homes. Its importance cannot be understated, as we rely on using a functional toilet every single day. However, it can be a cause for alarm to hear rattling, thuds, or other loud noises when you flush the toilet. Any unusual noise from the toilet usually [ … ]

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