3 Signs of Plumbing Problems Home Buyers Should Look For


When purchasing a new home, many things should be inspected to ensure the property is in fair shape. Along with checking for structural issues, a plumbing inspection should be performed as well. In doing so, here is a list of signs that should not be ignored while executing an inspection. By investing in a careful inspection, you can avoid the financial pitfalls that come with potential plumbing emergencies.

1 – Water Stains and Signs of Leaks

One of the most visible signs that there is an issue with plumbing in a home is water stains. While touring a home, inspect the floors and ceilings and check to see if there are any spots of discoloration. If there are, this can be a sign that there is an internal leak. Pipes leaking within walls, or ceilings, can be very destructive and if dismissed, can lead to other costly damages. For more thorough plumbing inspections, a professional plumber should be called.

2 – Corroded and Outdated Pipes

In addition to leaks, be sure to inspect the pipes. If there are visible pipes, be sure to examine their condition and if they are corroded these need to be replaced. Rust can ruin the pipes causing them to leak, which can cause damage to the home.

Also, check for lead, or galvanized steel pipes. These types of pipes are traditionally found in older homes. Lead pipes are recognized for causing detrimental health issues and will most likely need to be updated.

Replace any galvanized pipes as well. If connected to other pipes such as copper, they must be updated immediately. Galvanic corrosion is a common consequence of galvanized pipes being attached to copper pipes. Due to their unique components, one of the two metals will corrode. Replacing corroded and outdated pipes is a simple job for a professional plumber.

3 – Leaking Toilets and Sinks

Checking for leaks around toilets is essential as well. In most situations, homeowners neglect to inspect it for leaks. Water around the toilet, discoloration, and soft floors around the perimeter of the toilet can be an indication of a leak. If there is one, this should be not ignored and deemed insignificant. Leaving it alone can result in damage and weakening of the subfloors. Additionally, during your initial inspection, flush the toilets to ensure that they are working correctly. If they have difficulty draining and refilling efficiently, this must also be checked by a professional.

As for the sinks, it is important to check for blockages. If the faucet is turned on and the water has a hard time going down the drain, and this is seen around the house repeatedly, this can be an indication that the pipes are backed up. Also, don’t forget to check the water pressure and look for leaks under the sink as well. To guarantee that there are no major issues, a plumber must perform a thorough inspection.

Marco Plumbing Can Perform Plumbing Inspections

Purchasing a home is a significant investment, and it should be taken seriously. In addition to other home checks, plumbing inspections are also imperative. If not performed, homeowners can run into expensive plumbing repairs.

At Marco Plumbing, we offer thorough and professional plumbing inspections. With years of experience in the Durham region, Scarborough and Peterborough, we understand what homeowners need.

If you are purchasing a new home, contact us. We offer plumbing inspections and other related services. Our qualified, licensed plumbers look forward to assisting you.