4 Signs It’s Time for A New Dishwasher


Any homeowner can attest to the beauty of having a dishwasher in their home. It’s the perfect addition as it permits homeowners to scale back on time spent washing dishes and allowing them to focus on other activities. However, when this great machine begins to lose its vigor and does not perform as it should, it is time to get a new dishwasher. Continue reading for some of the major signs and symptoms that a new dishwasher is needed in your home.

  1. Dishes Are Not Properly Cleaned

The purpose of having a dishwasher is to have it clean your dishes for you so that you do not have to perform the manual work. When your dishwasher begins to lose its usefulness and does not wash dishes properly, this is a sign that you need a new one. Particles of food left behind can be a clear indication of the dishwasher’s decline in performance.

  1. Water Temperature

A faulty heating element can be the reason why your dishwasher is not heating up water enough. If this occurs, there is a problem. A dishwasher needs hot water for proper cleaning. Without the right temperature, your dishes will not come out as clean as you anticipate. If there is a sudden decrease in water temperature and you find that the performance of your unit is being affected, consider calling for professional plumbing services and investing in a new dishwasher.

  1. Lack of Water or Retention of Water

The expectation when a dishwasher is turned on is that it will perform as intended. It is anticipated that the right amount of water, at the correct temperature, will be pumped through the machine for a successful wash. Also, it is expected that once the washing is complete, the dirty water will be drained.

If any of these things do not occur, this is a sign that you need a new unit. Without the proper amount of water and successful drainage at the end of the cycle, this can result in unclean dishes, a foul-smelling unit, mold and potential leakage.

  1. Water Leaking On the Floor

There are a few reasons why a dishwasher will leak. The most common causes are due to a failed pump, pump seal, or a door gasket. Pumps play a vital role in circulating water throughout the dishwasher, as well as for draining water. When the pump fails, leaks happen.

The same consequence also applies to the door gasket. This component behaves as a seal and is responsible for sealing water inside. If this seal is brittle, cracked, or has torn, this can also be a reason for your dishwasher’s substandard performance.

Overall though, there are a few things that can contribute to a leaky dishwasher. Should you suspect a leak, or witness water on the floor, this is typically a clear sign that a new dishwasher must be purchased

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