4 Tips for A Smooth Kitchen Renovation


One of the biggest changes you can make to any home is remodeling the kitchen, and this can affect a home in many ways. For people who have saved up, or are just moving into a home, this is a chance to finally get a kitchen exactly the way they’ve always wanted it. For the cost-conscious, a smart renovation adds value to a home’s sale price and can be a great return on investment for a home sale.

But if you’re going to remodel the kitchen, this is neither fast nor easy. In order to ensure the best chance of success, we’ve got four things you should keep in mind as you start remodeling.

1 – Think About Moving Your Pipes

A major kitchen remodel isn’t just about getting new counters; it’s also a chance to redesign the allotment of space, especially if it’s an older kitchen. If you’re thinking of doing something with a newer, bigger, open-concept kitchen, this is also your chance to start moving appliances and fixtures around.

You can finally move the sink over to another side of the kitchen, or move it off the counters on the wall, and put it on an island counter if that’s what you’ve always wanted. Moving fixtures around, such as sinks or even dishwashers means that the pipes that service these fixtures will also need to be moved. However, with a little consultation, it’s something that plumbers can do for you.

2 – Get A Pipe Check-Up

If the scale of the remodeling is going to involve exposing—or even moving—pipes, now is also the perfect time to get your plumbing itself thoroughly inspected and maintained or repaired, if need be. It’s not often that your water or sewer pipes get careful, “face to face” time with an expert in your home, so take this opportunity!

Have the plumbers look at the condition of your pipes, especially if they’re older! You may find that the old Victorian home you just moved into only has a few years left in the current plumbing. If you want to enjoy the home trouble free for many years to come, find out about these issues now and get them fixed.

3 – Upgrade Your Fixtures & Appliances

Here’s a big one to consider. If you’re remodeling, you’re probably looking at new sinks and taps, but there’s always more you can do! If you came into a home with an older dishwasher installed, there’s been a lot of improvements in dishwashing technology, especially when it comes to water use efficiency that can bring your water bills down.

On the other hand, a garbage disposal in the sink might be something you could think about adding to your kitchen. This reduces the amount of waste that you need to put away in your “green bin” if you live in an area with a recycling program.

4 – Always Consult the Experts

In theory, the more you do yourself, the more money you can save. In reality, when you try to do something without the experience or expertise, you may end up taking more time, more effort, and even more expense when you need to bring in experts to fix the DIY job you undertook.

If you’re planning to remodel your kitchen, make sure it gets done the right way, with professional results you’ll love! Contact Marco Plumbing and explain what you’re thinking of doing. We have all the experience and expertise to optimise your kitchen to exactly what you want!