Why Is My Toilet Leaking from the Bottom?

Why Is My Toilet Leaking from the Bottom?

Have you noticed an inexplicable pool of water near your toilet? Some homeowners may mop away the splatter and not give it a second thought. However, you feel increasingly troubled when these puddles become a recurring problem. If so, it may be an early warning sign that water is leaking from under the toilet.

A toilet leaking from the bottom is a health hazard. Even the smallest amount of water can seep into floors and walls, causing mould to grow. Undetected mould can emit spores into the air, which results in breathing issues for you and your household. Additionally, a leaking toilet can release sewage into your home, promoting the spread of bacteria and disease.

You may experience water leaking from the bottom of the toilet for various reasons. Determining the cause is an urgent issue, so call an Oshawa plumber for professional assistance. The plumbing technician can examine your leaking toilet thoroughly, using their tools and expertise to troubleshoot the problem.

Here are six reasons why your toilet is leaking from the bottom:

1. Cracked toilet bowl

A cracked bowl may cause water leaking from bottom of toilet.

A cracked toilet can quickly lead to leaks coming from the base. Toilets have a sturdy, durable design that can withstand frequent use. However, they aren’t indestructible. Over time, toilets may develop hairline cracks. These thin cracks can grow and spread, leading to larger fractures that eventually leak.

Start by inspecting the outside of your toilet. If you notice hairline cracks, these are the early symptoms of wear and tear. If you see deep fractures, you’ll have issues with water leaking from the bottom of the toilet. Hidden leaks can quickly increase your water usage, so it’s crucial to do a thorough inspection. Your plumber may recommend replacing your old toilet with a newer model if it is beyond repair.

2. Toilet seal leaking

A broken seal may cause a toilet leaking from bottom.

A worn-out seal is a common cause of a toilet leaking at the base. In many cases, these seals are made from waterproof wax. When placed around the bottom of your toilet, the wax creates a tight seal between it and the floor. Unfortunately, these seals can become loose, dried, or cracked. When this happens, water will leak and pool on the floor in front of your toilet.

Inspect the area between the toilet and the floor. Look for places where the seal may be deteriorating. When dealing with the wax ring, use gloves to protect your hands. In most cases, you will need to replace the worn-out seal. With the new wax ring installed, align the toilet and put it back in place. Once the toilet is aligned, use your body weight to add pressure and force the wax ring to create a watertight seal.

3. Leaking toilet pipe

A leaking pipe may cause a toilet leaking at base.

Sometimes, the pipes that lead to your toilet may corrode and rust. When this occurs, the lines can crack and cause water to leak. Inspect the area around your toilet. Determine if the pooling water is coming from behind a wall. If so, a rusted pipe may be the source of your problem.

A leaking toilet pipe is a severe issue and may lead to a great deal of flooding damage in your home. If you think the source of your leak is a broken or cracked pipe, call your local plumber immediately.

4. Broken toilet flange

A broken flange may cause the bottom of toilet leaking.

The flange bolts hold your toilet securely to the floor. These bolts keep your toilet in place and prevent it from rocking or tipping over. However, they may break over time. Try pushing on your toilet and see if it wobbles or feels loose. If so, you likely have loose flange bolts that can lead to a leak.

Some toilets have plastic caps that need removing before you can access the flange bolts. Check whether they are loose or broken. You can tighten the loose bolts, but they will need the properly sized wrenches and pliers to secure a good grip. If the flange bolts are damaged, the only solution is to replace them.

5. Condensation on toilet

Condensation may cause the bottom of toilet leaking.

Sometimes, the toilet may appear to be leaking. However, the actual cause of water accumulation is condensation. Our bathrooms can experience high humidity levels, especially after a hot shower. Condensation droplets will form on the outside of the toilet bowl, which trickle and create a puddle on the floor.

Fortunately, preventing this natural phenomenon is easy. Ensure you always run your bathroom exhaust fan. If possible, keep the door open when you take a steaming bath or shower.

6. Clogged drain line

A clogged drain line may cause water leaking from under toilet.

Maybe none of the above reasons explains why your toilet is leaking at the base. If so, the problem may be a clogged drain line instead. The drain line is responsible for moving waste out of your home and into the sewers. If the drain line becomes blocked, it puts excess pressure on your toilet seal.

When the toilet seal breaks, you must fix two issues. First, you need help with unclogging your drain line. Then, you must replace your broken toilet seal. When your toilet leaking has escalated to this stage, it requires urgent assistance from an emergency plumber.