The Five Most Common Basement Plumbing Problems


When plumbing works properly a homeowner rarely thinks twice about the mechanics of the toilet, water boiler, or washing machine. However once these appliances and items get clogged and cease working, it can be a very stressful situation. By understanding and being aware of the five most common basement plumbing problems, a homeowner can recognize these issues early on and contact the right resources to prevent permanent damage.

Clogged Toilet

Even if the toilet is on a separate floor from the basement, it can still cause a disaster for a homeowner. Clogged toilets are the most common plumbing issue, be it due to poor water pressure or clogging internally. While a plunger to the toilet bowl may help temporarily fix the problem, there may be a deeper issue. This is of even greater concern in the basement, as basement plumbing problems may result in flooding or foundation damage. If a plunger doesn’t work, a professional should be the next choice.

Sump Pump Problems

Unlike a simple toilet issue, there are a variety of reasons why a sump pump may fail. Many homeowners may not even know they have a sump pump, or that it is part of the basement pluming system. If a storm knocked out the home’s power, then the sump pump can overflow and flood the basement. If the homeowner never touches the area surrounding the sump pump, than items like leaves, dirt, and dust can easily collect around and into the pump. To prevent this, the homeowner should not leave the sump pump off for months at a time.

Frozen Pipes

During bouts of particularly cold weather, basement plumbing systems can easily freeze and stop working. If the pipes are brittle enough, they may even explode, and leave you with a serious financial burden. Homeowners should regularly check that the pipes are working, and run water through them regularly to ensure that they don’t freeze over. Something as simple as keeping the basement fully heated will also help.

Water Boiler Malfunctioning

Water boilers only last for so long, so if the homeowner has had the same water boiler for 15 years or more, it’s time to look into a replacement. A professional may be able to fix the water boiler if the damage isn’t too severe, but an old water boiler will stop working entirely one day and a replacement would have to be done immediately.

Washing Machine Hose Backed Up

Laundry rooms are almost always located in the basement, and their plumbing systems can easily go overlooked. If the washing machine hose becomes clogged with dirt or debris, water pressure may lead it to explode. Making sure that the hose is clean can save you from serious basement plumbing issues.

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