How to Upgrade Your Kitchen Sink Plumbing


Having working kitchen sink plumbing is one of the most important aspects of a productive home. Kitchen sinks allow us to have family dinners, host dinner parties, and prepare our favorite foods, but its usefulness tends to go unnoticed. That is until something goes wrong, and the bill for its repair shows up. Pipes can easily begin to leak, become clogged, or freeze, and if your kitchen sink plumbing suddenly stops working it can greatly impact your home. These sorts of plumbing issues can potentially lead to lower water pressure, leaky ceilings, and clogs in the drain. Consider upgrading your kitchen plumbing system as soon as possible to avoid drastic, costly repairs to your kitchen sink plumbing later.

All About Plumbing

There are a few types of pipes that are most common in homes, including:
• Copper
• Brass
• Galvanized
• Plastic
• Iron
• Lead
Though lead pipes are now not common in households, due to the health effect lead has on the body, they still exist in many older homes. If you live in an older home in the GTA, be cautious when looking at your plumbing system. Discoloration, flaking, or stains on pipes are indicators that there is an issue. Though the city of Toronto publically told residents to change their lead plumbing systems, many people did not and still use lead infused water today.

Upgrading your Kitchen Sink Plumbing

Plastic pipes are usually used in the plumbing systems of newer homes and less often require repairs. However, if your home uses iron, brass, copper, galvanized, or lead pipes, you are most likely due for a coming upgrade. Galvanized pipes in particular are extremely susceptible to mineral buildup, and will block water flow and lower water pressure. There are a few tricks that you can learn to fix small damages within the house, but total overhauls should be left to professionals. Do it yourself pipe repair is not recommended, and one mistake can become hundreds of dollars to fix.

Cost of Replacement

Unfortunately if there is an issue with your pipes, it can be pricey to replace. But you do have control over how much it may cost you. Consider what kind of pipe you’d like to use for replacements. Copper and plastic tend to be the forerunners, and plastic is the less expensive option. This is specifically because it is a less costly material, not for lack of quality. Some people are opposed to plastic piping as there is not enough data about how long the material will last before disintegrating. However, these pipes have been a preferred choice in many new homes, and have been in Canadian homes for decades.

Start Thinking Now

Though it is not a major concern for many people, effective kitchen sink plumbing is essential for daily life. If you fail to maintain your pipes, it results in costly emergency repairs later on. If you’re ready to have a new plumbing system installed, or repair your current one, contact the plumbing experts at A Marco Plumbing.