How Tree Root Removal Can Repair Multiple Plumbing Issues


It can be wonderful having a yard filled with bushes and trees. However planting these gardens or inheriting them from past homeowners with a green thumb brings a host of plumbing problems. Roots from trees, shrubs, and even ivy can be strong enough to pull apart metal and PVC pipes; roots seek out sewer and feed lines because they are a rich source of minerals, oxygen, and water.

Leaving roots to grow unattended lets the problem get worse until they eventually break the pipes. By electing for root removal services, a property owner or homeowner will see a variety of noticeable improvements in the operation of their plumbing system.

Tree Root Removal for the Feed Line

If tree roots are jutting into the feed lines, this should be dealt with immediately as the water you use becomes more and more contaminated. Some of the benefits of tree root removal for the main feed line include:

Increased Water Pressure- With less obstruction, water can flow easily to the property. In instances where a home is mysteriously losing pressure, the culprit might be the roots wrenching their way into the pipes. Tree root removal not only gets water pressure back, but it also prevents costly leaks in the main line that drain your wallet and ruin your garden.

Water Quality Improvement- Another benefit of tree root removal is a vast jump in water quality. When tree roots permeate a homeowner’s lateral feed lines or well lines, they add or deplete minerals in the water, as well as allow soil and other contaminants to seep in. This leads to common problems like dirty water or an off taste. While tree roots in the feed line is a major issue, tree roots in the sewer line can also be a problem.

Tree Root Removal for Sewer Lines:

The damage caused by roots in sewers is sometimes harder to detect, but can be fatal for a pipe system if left unattended. A slow flush or drain today could mean digging up and replacing an entire pipe system tomorrow. Some of the benefits of tree root removal for the sewer line include:

Opening Slow Drains, Preventing Hard to Repair Blockages- While catching roots before they completely stop flowing through the sanitary lines is preferred, even a serious and complete clog can be cut and blasted away. If left unattended, the roots can enter the lateral sewer line, and actually pull it apart, forcing a homeowner to undertake serious repair expenses under mandate of city ordinances.

Preventing Costly Property Damage and Weeds- Slow drains may be a nuisance, but watching your prize-winning garden shrivel from leaks your willow tree caused can be enough to lose one’s hair. Especially in older properties where shrubbery or foliage runs close to the sewer line, they can tear into the pipes and create an outbreak of weeds.

If you think your property might be experiencing plumbing problems due to roots or anything else for that matter, call or contact us today at A Marco Plumbing. We provide tree root removal, pipeline repair, and so much more!