4 Plumbing Issues High Pressure Hydro Jetting Can Help to Avoid


Over time drains can get clogged up by everything from minerals in the water, grease, and miscellaneous debris. Among the more common ways to remove clogs is with a plumbing snake or auger. Snakes are useful when dealing with smaller clogs such as a buildup of hair in the drain; however a snake may not be able to remove the entirety of a clog. In comparison, hydro jetting can get rid of most types of clogs.

How Hydro Jetting Works

This process starts with an inspection of the pipes to determine the location of the problem and to make sure that the pipes are in good condition. If the pipes are too weak, or there is significant damage to the pipes, your plumber may refer you to a different process. Once it is considered safe to proceed, a high-pressure jet of water, usually between 3,000 and 8,000 PSI, will be used to clear the pipes. Hydro jet cleaning can help homeowners to avoid a number of plumbing problems such as:

Clogs That Cannot be removed with a Snake
The big drawback with plumbing snakes is that they are only able to clear a path that is as wide as the tip of the auger. Instead of merely punching a small hole through the blockage, a hydro jet will break up clogs and remove all the debris from the line.

Damage as a Result of Poor Maintenance
Even if a homeowner does not currently have a problem, it is still important that they maintain their drains. Clogs are often the result of years of buildup because the drains are not maintained, not because of a single event. In high-occupancy buildings where pipes and drains are in constant use, routine maintenance becomes even more important as more people rely on the functioning water system.

Malformed Epoxy When Pipe Lining
Many homeowners choose to use epoxy to restore the interior of their pipes and keep them properly functioning. But when a backup of debris is coating the inside of the pipe, the epoxy cannot correctly attach itself to the pipe and become malformed. Hydro jetting is an effective way to remove all debris from the interior of the pipe, unlike snaking that can leave debris behind. It is one of the first steps that should be performed to prepare for epoxy pipe lining.

Damage to Drains
Chemical drain cleaners like sodium hydroxide or sulfuric acid are caustic and have the potential to damage pipes. The corkscrew-shaped wire of a plumbing snake can also cause damage by cracking pipes. Hydro jet cleaning uses a carefully calibrated stream of water that is strong enough to fragment debris but not so strong that it will cause damage to the pipes.

Though drain cleaning chemicals and snaking tools have the potential to remove clogs, they also have the potential to damage pipes and cause lasting damage. Hydro jetting however helps keeps pipes clean by using high pressured water, keeping foreign items and chemicals out. To learn more information about hydro jetting and to book your appointment today, contact us at A Marco Plumbing!