How to Choose a Plumber


[heading]5 Things to Look for and Why they Matter[/heading]

The internet has made it easier than ever to choose a service professional such as an electrician, a roofer or a plumber. However, it still pays to take your time when making the final selection. Here are a few helpful things to look for when you need to know how to choose a plumber for your repair or installation services.

1.       Get the Credentials

Ensure that you only work with plumbers who hold a current and valid license. You also want to ask about the years of experience the plumber has, and ask about any available references. After that, insurance is the next big thing that you’ll want to verify.

2.       Ask About the Pricing Structure

This is the best way to prevent a plumber from overcharging you. Ask about their pricing structure and ensure that the quote you receive prior to any work being done is final.

3.       Ask If Their Work Is Guaranteed

Before you agree to any work, find out if your plumber’s work is guaranteed. It also pays to note that there are different levels of guaranteed work. So find out about the longevity of the guarantee.

4.       See If They Offer Any Specials

Some plumbers offer discounted service for senior citizens. So, be sure to ask, and you could end up savings some money.

5.       Look For Reviews and Awards

One of the best ways to judge a plumbers suitability for the work you need to have done is through online reviews.  Search for plumbers on popular review sites, such as Home Stars to read about the workmanship, professionalism and pricing of plumbers in your area. It also pays to look for any awards that they might have received. It also pays to keep in mind that a well-reviewed, award-winning plumber is not necessarily more expensive. Usually their rates are right in the middle, while their service is top quality!

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