Commissioned, Hourly or Flat Rate Plumber? Who do I Choose?


When plumbing goes wrong in your home, you usually have to call a plumber to alleviate the situation. The question is whether you should hire a commissioned plumber, an hourly plumber or a flat rate plumber. Often times, a commissioned plumber will use sales tactics to persuade you into purchasing services you do not need, or charge you outrageous prices for services rendered. But sometimes people are concerned that an hourly plumber may charge too much as well. So what about a flat rate plumber? Below is a comparison of the three styles of plumbing services, and the reasons why it’s in your best interest to hire a flat rate plumbing professional for your plumbing needs.

[heading]Commissioned Plumber[/heading]

Being a commissioned plumber is like being a salesperson at any business. If you don’t make the sale, you aren’t going to get paid. Or if you are paid, it’s a very meager salary that relies on commissions to make it worthwhile. As a result, commissioned plumbers are notorious for trying to upsell their customers to make the highest profits possible. Essentially, these types of plumbers are great talkers and sales people. They will do an excellent job at convincing you of the legitimacy of their products or services and create a false sense of urgency in the work suggested. They do this by reviewing the damaged plumbing, and will provide you with a highly inflated price.  Then, the plumber will finish the job as fast as possible to increase their own profitability. The problem is that you’re often overcharged for services rendered, you may have purchased products or services you really didn’t need, and at the end of it all, it may have been installed shoddily since the plumber rushed to finish as fast as possible. Overall, hiring a commissioned plumber can result in questionable plumbing solutions.

[heading]Hourly Plumber[/heading]

When it comes to an hourly plumber, they are less likely to try and upsell you on products or services in the way a commissioned plumber would. An hourly plumber’s pay structure is designed in such a way so that they are compensated fairly and aren’t influenced to upsell their customers to make decent profits. They will provide great plumbing solutions, and take the time to make sure the job is done properly – they won’t be racing against the clock, trying to make the most profits possible. Although, sometimes hourly plumbers take longer to finish the job than it requires, which can be seen as the downfall for this type of plumber as costs seem to rise as their hours start to increase.

[heading]Flat Rate Plumber[/heading]

More often than not, a flat rate plumber is your best course of action. Before work is started a flat rate plumber will walk the homeowner through the exact plumbing repair and the associated time and cost factor for each task. Once the customer understands the amount of time and general costs, the plumber will then offer a flat rate price to finish the tasks. This quote is fair, so that it will allow for enough time for the plumber to complete the job properly, and for themselves to be fairly compensated.

Overall, Flat rate plumbers are known to do some of the best work, without concern about being over charged for time spent during installation nor any worry for overpriced products purchased. Their quality of work is accompanied by respectful and courteous behavior, and they will leave the worksite (your home) in a clean state without debris, damage or garbage left behind.


At A. Marco Plumbing, we are extremely fair, honest and professional with our plumbing services. We aren’t commissioned plumbers or hourly plumbers, but are instead a flat rate plumbing service offering quality plumbing services at fair prices. Trust in our team of plumbing professionals to alleviate all your plumbing concerns! Call today, 1-866-619-9700!