Where to Check for Possible Water Leaks in Your Home


Having a water leak in your home is a serious issue. It can cause damage to your property and result in increased costs on your water bill. Both of which, all homeowners want to avoid.

Many homeowners are unaware that even a small leak can have an impact on their bill and also their home over time. To assess your home for any water leaks, here is a list of various spots that should be checked. The sooner leaks are spotted, the better your chances at a quick fix and inexpensive repair.

Leaky Taps, Showers and Toilets

Some of the most conspicuous places to inspect for leaks are your taps, showers, and toilets. Checking your taps for leaks is quite simple. Turn the tap on and then turn it off and see if there is any water seeping through the faucet after it has been shut off for few minutes. If this is the case, it is likely that the tap washer needs to be replaced or perhaps the defective washer has damaged the valve seat. If you are uncertain of the cause, contact a plumber to assist.

In some situations, it can also be easy to spot a leaking shower. Discoloured spots on the ceiling, leaking shower heads, soft or moist spots on walls are all indications that something is amiss. If these signs are visible or you suspect that there is a leak, contact a plumber to perform a full inspection.

Checking toilets for leaks is quite simple and requires a few steps. Lift the cover off the tank, pay keen attention to any strange sounds and try to discover where it’s coming from. Normally, hissing sounds are an indication that there is an issue with the flush valve assembly. Water is most likely leaking from the tank into the toilet bowl.

Hot Water Tank and Water Meter

Another place to inspect for leaks in your home is the hot water tank. By checking the pressure relief valve located on the water tank, you can listen for a hissing sound. This is usually an indication that there is a leak in the tank. Whether it is a small leak or not, this must be checked by a professional as soon as possible. Contact a plumber for assistance as they will accurately assess the issue at hand and can perform the proper repairs.

If you can locate your water meter, you can use it to detect leaks. To do so, ensure that no water is being used in your home. Locate your leak indicator, which is typically in the shape of a small triangular dial or small silver wheel. If this dial is in motion while no water is being used in your home, a leak is present. Reach out to a professional plumber, as they can precisely locate the leak and offer a comprehensive repair.

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