What to do When a Child Puts Toys in the Toilet


As a parent, you can often find yourself in the middle of a number of scenarios you would have thought impossible prior to having children. Being faced with the conundrum of what to do when a child puts toys in the toilet would certainly qualify as one of those unlikely scenarios. However, take comfort in knowing that this type of situation is more common than you might think. Children are curious and generally very interested in cause and effect. So, if you’re presently trying to figure out how to fish an action figure, building block, or even your car keys from the depths of your toilet bowl, here are a few tricks that should help you get the job done.

Phase #1: The Easy Do-It-Yourself

Always try this step first. In most situations, the object in question can be fairly easily retrieved. It just takes a bit of effort and a fairly inexpensive tool. Begin by shutting off the toilet water valve and then remove the water from the bowl. This will prevent certain lightweight objects from floating. Next, use a toilet auger AKA toilet snake to try and dislodge the toy.

Phase #2: The Advanced Do-It-Yourself

If snaking the toilet doesn’t work, but you still want to try and get the toys out of the toilet yourself, the next thing you can try is to remove the toilet and try snaking it from the opposite end.

  • First, ensure that the toilet valve is off (if you’ve started with level #1, this should already be done).
  • Next, make sure that the toilet is dry, by first flushing and then wiping out the tank and bowl. Then disconnect the water supply tube.
  • Remove the nuts and bolts that hold the tank and bowl together. You’ll need a ratchet wrench for this. Then remove the tank and set it aside. Both the tank and bowl will be heavy, so be sure to have someone there to help if needed.
  • Time to work on the bowl. Start by removing the white caps from the bolts at the base, then remove the nuts with your wrench.
  • Once the nuts have been removed, you’ll need to rock the toilet from side to side to break it free from the wax seal.
  • Now turn the bowl upside down in the tub or take it outside to try and work the toy or other object free with your auger.

Phase #3: Call in the professionals

If step 1 didn’t work and step 2 sounds like far too much work, your best bet is to call in the professionals. Simply contact a professional plumber, such as the reliable professionals from A Marco Plumbing and explain the problem. Our plumbers have a number of different tips and tricks, as well as lots of experiencing dislodging toys, keys and other items.