What Every Homeowner Should Know About Their Bathrooms


For most homeowners, their bathroom knowledge begins and ends with what it is used for and how to use it. From a plumbing standpoint, you should probably have a basic understanding of how everything in your bathroom works to avoid problems in the future and save yourself time and money.

A lot is going on in such a small room, and here is some information that will get you better acquainted with your bathroom.

You Can Save with New Fixtures

Even though you may choose bathroom fixtures purely for aesthetic reasons, you can save money by focusing more on energy efficiency. By having a low flow toilet and shower head installed, you will use less water for the same functions and save on your water bills.

Toilets Tanks Can Leak

When you think of leaking plumbing appliances, do you ever consider the toilet tank? Most homeowners don’t possess this bathroom knowledge, but it’s another area that may be costing you money. If you suspect a leaky tank, you can pour a few drops of any food colouring into the tank and wait a few minutes. If you see colour appear in the bowl, then you have a leak that needs attention.

Don’t Flush These Items

It’s incredible how many people think that a toilet is a place where you can dispose of just about anything easily and without any consequences. In reality, waste and toilet paper should be the only things being flushed down your toilet. Things like paper towels, food particles, cooking grease, feminine hygiene products, cat litter, cotton swabs, and cotton balls should be thrown in the garbage and kept away from the toilet.

Shower Drains Collect a Lot of Hair

Even though you may have a thick mane of hair that always seems lush and full, you lose quite a lot down the drain each time you have a shower. In fact, you shed so much that it can seriously clog your drain over time. If you want to help prevent the problem, a simple and inexpensive screen to fit over the drain will catch it all, and you can throw the hair away without worrying.

It’s a Breeding Ground for Mold

Bathrooms are sanctuaries of sorts and one of the few places many of us get a chance to be alone. But they also produce a lot of moisture, which can result in mold and mildew growth. Poor ventilation is often the cause of mold growth in your bathroom, which can be especially tricky if you don’t have a window to open to help ventilate. If you have a fan in the bathroom, let it run for a bit after having a shower and keep the door open. You can also try drying the walls and mirrors, so it’s not so damp in there, and be sure to scrub areas where mold might form to help keep it away.

Increasing your household bathroom knowledge will enable you to keep your sanctuary cozy and free from harmful contaminants and save on potential plumbing issues. If you’d like more info about how your bathroom plumbing works or have another problem that needs attention, contact us at Marco Plumbing today.