Tips on Finding a Reputable Plumbing Contractor


Plumbing contractors come in handy for more than one type of project. In order to find the one that is the best fit for the job, it pays to spend a little time qualifying prospective contractors in advance. By putting these tips to good use, you can identify the right plumbing contractor quickly, and avoid wasting a lot of time.

Start with the Nature of the Project

Before there is any effort to locate any plumbing contractors in the area, you must first decide what you need in the way of plumbing expertise. This means taking a good look at the project and the specific nature of the plumbing involved. The answers to a few basic questions will help to establish the criteria for making the first sweep of likely candidates.

For example, is the plumbing project residential or commercial in nature?  This is important, since some plumbing contractors excel in one area or the other. What tasks will the contractor be expected to provide? Will he or she need to design the system from scratch, or work with plans that are already prepared? Are there some elements of the plumbing system that are intended to add ornamental or recreational elements to the property, along with basic plumbing? Once you have the answers to these questions, it will be much easier to identify local contractors who could be right for the job.

The Skill Set of the Plumbing Contractor

After establishing the fact that a few plumbing contractors in the area have the background and expertise needed for the project, dig a little deeper and learn more about the extent of that expertise. How many similar projects has each contractor actually overseen, or at least worked on as part of a team? What was the outcome of those projects? The goal is to focus on contractors with the greatest range of experience with the type of project involved. Doing so will go a long way toward avoiding mistakes that could delay the completion of the plumbing system.

Liability and the Contractor

Another point to ponder is the type of insurance protection the plumbing contractor can secure if granted the project. This includes liability coverage that would help to settle damages if someone were injured on the site as the result of actions taken by the contractor or the crew working under his or her orders. Keep in mind that unless the contractor can secure a reasonable amount of coverage, this would leave the client at a greater risk.

Reputation of Each Contractor on the List

Collecting feedback about the candidates who seem to be the best fit for the job is a must. Ask for and follow up with references provided by each contractor. When there is a consistent pattern that indicates a contractor tend to complete projects at or under budget, does the work in a timely manner, and communicates well with their clients, then that contractor should be invited to submit a proposal.

The creation of a new plumbing system is not something to be taken lightly. Since that system will cost a great deal of money, the job should be left in the hands of the most qualified professional. Do not rush to hire a plumbing contractor just to have the task out of the way. Approach it with care, take all the time needed, and that diligence will result in selecting a professional who is perfect for the project.