The Importance of a Home Sump Pump System


Home sump pump systems are widely associated with flooding from rainfall. However, rainfall is not the only potential cause of flooding in homes.  Warm breaks during the winter can also cause snow to melt and melting snow can cause flooding in homes that are not properly equipped.

How Snow Can Cause a Home to Flood
When snow melts rapidly, the soil around a home can become saturated. The groundwater may then flow or seep into the basement. Snowmelt can also place a great deal of stress on storm water and sanitary sewers, which are another potential cause of flooding. Flooding can occur in any basement and at any time. It can even occur in basements that have not flooded in previous winters.

How Home Sump Pump Systems Work
Sump pump systems remove ground water from under homes along with water that seeps into basements. They are made up of four parts:

  • A pump
  • A sump tank, sometimes called a sump pit
  • A collection system for ground water
  • A drain

The sump tank is installed at the lowest part of a home’s basement or crawlspace. Water flows into the sump tank via drain rock along the foundation or from the basement floor. The sump pump sits in the sump tank and pumps the water out of the house, thus preventing flooding. A float switch activates the sump pump. It switches on when the water in the sump tank reaches a certain level.

Benefits of Having a Home Sump Pump System in Place

  • It Prevents Damage from Flooding
    While a sump pump system can prevent damage from slow seeping of ground water into a basement, it can also be helpful in instances where flooding is sudden and catastrophic. Suddenly bursts of warm weather in winter can quickly result in a foot or more of standing water in a basement. If a homeowner is storing valuable items in their basement, they could be damaged if there is no sump pump in place.
  • It Reduces the Threat of Mold
    High humidity in a home will create the perfect environment for mold to thrive. Not only is mold damaging to the materials used to construct the home, it can cause health issues among members of the household as well. By getting rid of water in a basement, a home sump pump system can prevent mold growth and the resulting problems.
  • It Reduces the Potential for Fires
    While fires may not seem likely when a home is full of water, flooding is a known cause of house fires. Electrical fires can occur because of the appliances commonly found in basements such as washers and dryers, water heaters and furnaces. So along with the cost of replacing expensive appliances, a homeowner will also face a risk of fire. A functioning home sump pump system will protect appliances and could even prevent electrical fires.

Because a home sump pump system can prevent thousands of dollars in property damage, it is important that it be kept in good working order. Clogs in the drainage pipe or a dirty switch can make a sump pump less effective or completely ineffective when it comes to draining water. It is important that homeowners have their sump pumps professionally maintained by experienced plumbing professionals. As professional Toronto plumbers, we at A Marco recommend annual inspections of your home sump pump systems in order to make sure that they are fully functional in case of emergency. Contact the professionals today at 1-866-619-9700