How to Tell When It’s Time for A New Water Heater


The water heater is like a cornerstone or foundation component of a modern home. It’s a part of any modern lifestyle that is absolutely critical to a comfortable life, but almost no one thinks about it until it breaks down. However, like any other material component, a water heater is a complex piece of technology with a lot of parts, and it is not going to last forever.

So how do you know when you need a new water heater installation in your home? Here are a few signs to look for.

Check the Age of The Water Heater

If you’re just moving into a home with its own water heater, and it’s not on some rental agreement, check the age of the unit. Anything over 10 years is fair game for considering a new installation, but if you see something “ancient”, even if it’s still working, it’s far less efficient—both energy and moneywise—than a modern heater.

The Water Smells or Tastes Funny

If you wash your dishes, clothes or even take a shower and notice a metallic taste and smell in the water, this is a sign it may be time to get a water heater installation for a new unit. That additional component of metal to the water is likely coming from a breakdown of the inner tank, forming grit and flakes in the water. You’ll be stuck with this until you either replace the unit or until the tank breaks down and you need a replacement anyway.

The Water Heater Is Making Noise

While there’s always a certain amount of sound generated by any machine that uses electricity or gas, a water heater should not be making banging, pounding or rumbling noises. Some water heaters, however, as they begin to approach the point of breakdown, will start making exactly these kinds of loud noises when they never did before.

This could be a problem with the tank itself, or it could be something inside, such as the heating elements beginning to fail. If that happens, it leads to the next most obvious sign.

The Water Heater Is No Longer Heating Water

Hopefully, you will have had some early warning signs like the above that tipped you off. If all else fails, however, you’ll know it’s time to get a new water heater when your current water heater is no longer adequately doing the one thing it’s supposed to be doing.

Usually, a water heater won’t just suddenly die; it’ll be a slow, gradual process. If you continue to ignore the problem, you may notice that you no longer get steaming hot water and that the best you get in your shower or laundry is lukewarm water. Eventually, even that will stop, and you’ll only get cold water from your hot water tap, and you’ll definitely want to do something about it at this point.

We’ll Set Things Right

When it’s time for a new water heater installation in your home, Marco Plumbing can do it. Just give us a call and we can make a recommendation for a new heating system that will meet your needs.