Simple Plumbing Hacks to Save You Money


It’s no secret that keeping your home and all of its various systems running smoothly can cost a lot of money. Not only do you have to think about breakdowns and immediate repair issues, but long-term health is also a factor. And while it’s rarely a good idea to mess around with your natural gas or electrical systems, when it comes to your plumbing, there are some steps you can take to save money.

Here are some simple hacks that will help you save money on plumbing:

Low-Flow Toilets & Showerheads

Adding low flow toilets and showerheads helps you save money on a daily basis because of how often your showers and toilets are used. You can often DIY these to save on the price of installation, but even if you aren’t comfortable giving it a try, you’ll save on water bills once they are in.

Simple Screens in Drains

You can also save money on plumbing repairs in the future by installing inexpensive mesh screens over drains in the bathroom and kitchen. All you have to do is set them in place on the drain, and they will prevent all kinds of things from being washed down and causing problems later on.

Stopping the Toilet from Running

If you hear your toilet running when you haven’t been using it, you are hearing the sound of money being washed away for no reason. Most of the time when this happens, all you need is a new toilet flapper. The flapper is the part inside your tank that flaps up and down when you flush the toilet. You can get a new one at any home improvement store, and they will come with easy instructions for installation.

Fix a Leaking Faucet

A slowly dripping faucet can end up costing you hundreds of dollars per year, and all it really takes is a simple fix that any homeowner can do in a few minutes. The O-ring is a replaceable rubber ring inside your faucet, and when it wears down, you may encounter leaks. If you shut off the water to that faucet, then remove the end of the tap, you can replace the O-ring and save yourself money.

Unclog a Drain

Clogged drains are common problems in most households, but they don’t have to end up costing you money. Prevention is always the best solution, but if your drains are moving slowly, hot water may help. Just pour hot or boiling water down into the drain and quite often it will loosen the clog. If water alone doesn’t work, try mixing 1/3 cup of baking soda and 1/3 cup of white vinegar and pouring that in. Let it sit and work for a few minutes, then flush it with hot water.

Lower the Temperature on Your Water Heater

Many homeowners don’t even know that there is a temperature threshold on their water heater. Your home uses either gas or electricity to heat the water, so if you lower the threshold, it stands to reason your bills will be lower, too. Even dropping it a few degrees will help and will prevent accidental scalding.

There are many different things homeowners can do to save on plumbing-related costs. Simple tweaks and hacks can help to lower costs and prevent issues from happening that would require professional attention. If you would like to learn more about saving money on your plumbing or have a plumbing issue that needs attention, get in touch with us at Marco Plumbing today.