Plumbing Problems That Can Be Avoided With Routine Drain Cleaning


It’s important to do routine maintenance throughout your home, especially when it comes to plumbing. When routine maintenance like drain cleaning is neglected, it can cause serious damage to the homes plumbing system. There are a multitude of common plumbing problems that can be avoided with routine drain cleaning, and it’s important that you know how to address them.

For routine maintenance, many people choose to use drain cleaners and chemical solvents to fix the issue. Unfortunately with regular use, these plumbing helpers can become dangerous and dissolve the structure of the pipe. A plunger is also a chosen option for many people, but it can just force a clog deeper into the pipe to where it is not accessible to fix.

What Routine Maintenance Needs Done

Certain chores need to be completed on a regular basis to ensure that drains are kept clean; this includes looking for and removing things like hair or debris. Even if you have a drain cover at the bottom of your tub, hairs can still sneak through in small amounts each shower and eventually clog the system. Clearing out the bathtub or shower drains regularly for hair is a quick and easy solution, and will ensure that water drains appropriately in these areas of the bathroom.

In the kitchen, the plumbing under the sink should also be regularly cleared out. The main pipe that is connected to the bottom of most kitchen sinks is designed in a U shape, meaning that the middle of this pipe is constantly filling with waste. Anything that goes down the kitchen drain can collect in this pipe, easily clogging the system. Having a professional plumber remove the pipe and clean out anything that is stuck in it will significantly help kitchen water flow.

What Routine Maintenance Prevents Against

Most importantly, it prevents against clogs. A clog can leave you unable to use any large amount of water due to its inability to drain correctly. This means that filling a sink for dishes, or taking a shower, is off limits until the clog is removed. Drain cleaning can also prevent slow draining. As a drain gets clogged, the space for the water to run through gets smaller and smaller. This can be a nuisance, and when the water lingers in the sink it becomes an excellent breeding ground for harmful microbes. A slow system can eventually turn into one that doesn’t work at all.

Another problem that occurs when drain cleaning is a routine task is that it can negatively affect the septic system. If you have a septic system, you already know the importance of keeping it free of clogs and harmful buildups that can cause leaks. Cleaning out your drains on a regular basis ensures that there are no buildups, or growing build ups, in the pipes. If buildups do manage to break off and go into the septic system, they can cause more issues there.

In addition to doing routine maintenance on a system on his or her own, a person should contact a local plumber to clean it thoroughly on a regular basis. Plumbers have the knowledge and skills needed to repair damaged or clogged pipes, and won’t cause any accidental damage to the system. Additionally, they will be able to point out unknown issues with your plumbing and stop leaks and cracks before they become apparent to you. For more information about routine drain cleaning and to request a plumber to help you with your cleaning issues, contact us today.