How to Know If Its Time to Purchase New Pipes


When your plumbing system is working the way it should, it’s easy to take it for granted. You just turn on a faucet or flush the toilet and then forget about it. However, when you have worn out pipes in your home, you can run into trouble. The issues can range from a minor annoyance to a full-fledged plumbing disaster, depending what type of shape the pipes are in.

There comes a time for every homeowner when you need to purchase new pipes, and it’s wise to watch for signs. Here are some that will help you figure it out:

Water Pressure Issues

If you have older metallic pipes, corrosion can build up on the insides and reduce the water output. So, you will notice reduced water pressure to the sinks, tubs, and showers in your home. And while low water pressure can have other causes, it is something to look into if it happens to you.

Discoloured Water

Another sign of corroded pipes is when your water has a brown or reddish tint. This hue happens because the corroded metal on the interior of the pipe flakes off and gets into the water. No one wants to see discoloured water coming from their faucets, and it is often a sign that it’s time for new pipes.

Leaky Pipes

As pipes get older and the material begins to deteriorate, you may notice recurring leaks in different areas of your home. It’s easy to think that minor leaking is just part of the process of owning a home, but if your home is more than 20 years old, it could be a sign that you need to purchase new pipes.

Unusual Noises

Your plumbing system should operate smoothly and quietly, and if you notice unusual sounds and noises, there is a good chance that things are not right. Your pipes should be able to handle the range of water pressure that goes through them without banging, clicking, or moaning.

Check Any Exposed Pipes for Clues

Sometimes, you can get an idea of the overall health of your pipes by checking out any exposed pipes in your home. Many older homes have exposed pipes in the basement, and if you notice any issues like bumps, dimpling, flaking or discolouration on those pipes, then there is a chance the rest of your pipes are in a similar condition.

For Older Homes

Having an older home doesn’t automatically mean your pipes need to be replaced, but if you have an older home with lead pipes, the story is different. Lead is a toxic substance and has no place anywhere in your home. If you have lead pipes, they should be replaced, and if you aren’t sure, you can have them tested to find out.

No homeowner wants to face the reality of having to buy new pipes. The upfront expense can be significant, but the cost of trying to carry on with damaged or unsafe pipes is even higher. If you’ve noticed signs that it’s time for new pipes, or want to find out for sure, get in touch with us today and we can get the process started.