Get Your Sewer Backup Cleared With Drain Snaking


One of the best ways to clear up drains and prevent future drain problems is with drain snaking. This is one of the oldest and most reliable ways of removing any kind of backup, from toilets to sewers. Homeowners should consider it as a regular part of their home maintenance routine, and ensure it’s done when issues occur.

Understanding the Process of Drain Snaking

Snaking a drain isn’t a complicated process, which is why it’s been the main way of clearing out a sewer backup for years. A plumber uses a long, flexible, steel cable capped with a corkscrew or bladed top that has been specially designed for pipes, commonly known as an auger. The plumber will push the auger into a drain and twist it; this will turn the tip, which breaks through or breaks down the buildup in the pipe and clears a path for water to flow. Almost anything that can become stuck in a line, the auger can clear a path through. The auger is a very low risk way of clearing through pipes and will not do any sort of damage to the pipe itself.

The Benefits of Clearing a Sewer Backup with Drain Snaking

While snaking a drain is perfect for sewer backup, it’s not the kind of thing that a homeowner should only consider when it’s emergency. Routine drain snaking can do a lot more, and can be used as preventative maintenance. One of the most immediate benefits of drain snaking is improved drainage, an issue that many people live with daily and assume there is no easy fix. If you notice that slow drainage is a regular problem in your home, routine drain snaking can easily fix this. Other than the improved drainage, there are even more benefits:

• Extending the life of the plumbing system

• Preventing future backup problems

• Preventing corrosion and pipe damage

• Keeping away bad odors from decaying debris

• Gaining awareness of the condition of a sewer line.

A properly snaked drain will allow a homeowner to see and hear how their plumbing behaves when there are no obstructions or drainage issues. This will allow them to stay sensitive to future issues.

Another benefit of snaking a drain that many never consider is that it frees up water pressure. A sewer backup typically comes from a blocked line. As debris grows it still allows water through, but it effectively chokes the pipe. This causes the water to struggle through under high pressure. When a homeowner turns on an appliance that uses water such as a washing machine or dishwasher, it pulls in all the water it needs under that high pressure. This can create a situation where water will force itself through joints, hinges, valves, and wherever else it can escape. This can cause damage to your appliance and your pipes simultaneously. Snaking a drain can easily relieve this kind of pressure so the water doesn’t have to struggle through.

Hire a Professional Drain Snaking Service

A drain snake is the only tool you should choose for clearing a sewer backup. Homeowners should always have a professional plumbing service repair their sewer system however and not attempt this maintenance themselves. A Marco Plumbing will do this maintenance and repairs for you, as well as provide you with discounts and coupons that our competitors don’t! Contact us today to get your plumbing working better than ever before.