Drain Snake Rooter


When you hire a plumber to assist with residential plumbing or commercial plumbing needs, you will quickly become familiar with the terms of the trade. Very often in the case of drain clog or blockage, your plumber will suggest “snaking” the pipe….but what does that mean?

A “snake” or plumbing snake or drain auger is generally a long, flexible metal cable with hook and screw-like appendages at the end of it that are designed to snag and clear the bits creating the clog without damaging the pipes. The snake – whether electric or manual – is carefully led down the drain and in the pipe until the end reaches the clog or blockage by breaking it up and allowing it to flow out of the drain.

Marco Plumbing owns and uses large motor-powered augers with various sized cables for a variety of commercial or residential plumbing needs. For example, clogs to a main drain will require longer cables with a large diameter, while significant blockage, such as from tree roots, will require a stronger and more specialized commercial-grade drain snake.

Snaking out your own drain can be a health hazard if not done correctly – not to mention messy – and so is often best left to well-trained Marco Plumbing professionals. In addition to having the experience to get the job done quickly, we come prepared with drop sheets, cloths, and cleaning materials to protect your home from mess or sanitation risks.