How Camera Inspections Can Prevent Common Plumbing Problems


Whether you live in Red Deer, Alberta or Whitby, Ontario, one thing that no one is immune to is the risk of a plumbing problem. Sometimes, the issue is small enough that a homeowner shouldn’t seek out the services of a professional. If you have a clogged toilet, the odds are that paying a plumber to come over would require the exact same solution; a little elbow grease applied to a plunger.

But there are other times when the expertise, experience, and equipment of a plumber are the only way to efficiently track down the nature of a problem and offer solutions for how to solve it. One of the best examples of this in the modern 21st-century plumbing service is a camera inspection.

How It Works

Today’s plumbers don’t have to just listen to a customer’s description of a problem, then look at the pipes or sink, and try to reason out the potential cause from experience alone. In the old days, a lot of reasoned guesswork was involved, because plumbers didn’t want to cut open a pipe just to find out exactly what a problem could be.

Modern plumbers don’t have this issue. Thanks to the technology available today, plumbers have access to tiny, incredibly flexible cameras that resemble artificial worms or snakes in appearance. These cameras can be “threaded” right down a drain—or any other tiny opening—to travel directly into a pipe. No matter how many twists and turns the pipe takes, the camera is flexible enough to keep up, keep exploring and eventually finding the cause of the problem.

Accurate Drain Problem Identification

Let’s say, for example, that you were experiencing a slow drain problem, but it wasn’t just happening at one sink, it was happening at all of them. You already know that this is going to be a bigger problem than what a plunger can fix, so you call experts like Marco Plumbing to come down and help.

We can tell you whether the slow drain problem is the result of a blockage that is building up in a pipe, or “shrinkage” occurring in the pipe as minerals or grease build up inside, narrowing the available space for water and waste to flow through with a plumbing camera inspection.

No More Experimentation

Old plumbers used to have to take a few of the most reasonable guesses as to what a problem might be, and where the problem might actually be located, then try a series of different solutions to see which ones yielded results.

Now, a plumbing camera inspection allows our plumbers to find out the exact cause, and, more importantly, track it down to the source. The most confounding issues no longer require a customer to agree to have walls or floors cut open and pipes directly accessed in order to make a final determination of what a problem is. A camera plumbing inspection can do all this.

Let Us Solve the Problem

If you know you’ve got a plumbing problem, but you’re not quite sure the cause, we can help! Marco Plumbing has up-to-date plumbing camera inspection equipment that can quickly navigate your plumbing system, and track down the exact cause and location of the issue. Then we can efficiently and rapidly solve the problem. Contact us today for help!