6 Signs It’s Time To Renovate Your Bathroom Plumbing


Ever wonder how you can tell when it’s time to renovate your bathroom? Even though your cozy bathroom might look fresh and welcoming on the surface, that doesn’t mean elements like plumbing and electricity don’t need to be inspected and remodeled over time. Here are 6 top reasons to consider a bathroom plumbing renovation:

Faulty or Outdated Hardware

When your sink faucet or showerhead doesn’t come clean, or when chips and rust start appearing, it’s time for an upgrade. Outdated hardware not only makes your bathroom look run-down, but it can affect your health. For example, when metal continues to chip off and hits your water stream or when your showerhead starts running cold then scathing hot water, it’s important to replace anything that’s cracked or leaking to the point of a problem.

Constant Water Issues

If running your bathtub leaves a pool of water on the floor or turning your sink on means drips from the sides of your fixture, then your hardware likely hasn’t been sealed properly. Other items to keep an eye on include tubs and showers draining slowly and standing water in your shower which could indicate clogging.

Poor Water Volume

Showers should always be enjoyed at full blast, so if you find the water from your showerhead lacking in strength or only coming out at half capacity, chances are your pipes could be corroding. Over time, galvanized steel pipes start wearing down and because their diameter narrows, this weakens your water volume. Worn out pipes can affect tubs, sinks and your toilets refill rate. Usually this requires a full pipe replacement.


Seeing mold in your bathroom is a sure sign your plumbing needs inspection, and likely a renovation. If mold’s been making an appearance on your walls or ceilings, it’s highly probable that there’s water running where it shouldn’t be. The sooner you can locate the leak source, the better. Keep an eye out, not only for mold in older bathrooms, but look for wet spots on your ceiling, walls or regular water puddles on your floor. For leaks, it’s best to contact a professional plumber.

You Plan On Selling Your Home

If you’re on the market for a new home and you’d like to attract more qualified buyers, refreshing your bathroom shower, toilet or vanity area is a major plus for home buyers. Whether adding a spa-like tub or luxurious granite sink, relaxing and renovated bathrooms are a popular selling feature that adds immediate value to your house.

Your Bathroom Is Outdated or Damaged

Love your vintage 1970s home but haven’t remodeled yet? It’s time to breathe new life into your bathroom space. If your older bathroom has broken tiles, chipped fixtures and slight plumbing leaks that need repair, choosing to renovate your bathroom gives you a brand new relaxing space and ensures water damage and mold growth doesn’t happen.

Start Thinking Now

Finding a quality plumber is all about keeping your bathroom safe, clean and refreshed. If you’re dealing with rust, leaks or any kind of outdated hardware, contact our plumbing experts today!