5 Reasons Why Your Toilet is Leaking


So, your toilet is leaking and you’ve got a little bit of water pooling around the toilet bowl in your bathroom. No big deal, right? Wrong. While at first glance a bit of excess water doesn’t seem like a serious issue, it could indicate the beginning of a fairly expensive repair project. Leaks trapped beneath the toilet, for example, can eventually rot floor surfaces and can even damage subfloors and framing, which is the recipe for a very costly forced renovation. And the longer you wait, the more it will cost to fix the damage caused by a leaky toilet.

If your toilet is leaking, it is likely due to one of these common reasons:

1. Damaged and Worn Washers or Bolts
Most toilet tanks are connected to the bowl by 2-3 bolts and accompanying washers. Your toilet may leak onto the floor if any of these components falter due to wear and/or damage. Sometimes, fixing this issue is as simple as loosening and retightening the bolts, but in many cases, you will need to call a plumber to get them replaced.

2. A Leak on the Shut-off Valve or Supply Tube

Generally, the water supply line from the floor or the wall has a shut off-valve where you can turn off water to the toilet. Your leak may be emanating from either of these components.

3. Cracked Tank or Bowl
Cracked tanks are quite a common occurrence, and can be problematic because they require replacement for that part of your toilet, and in some cases a brand new toilet altogether. If you have a cracked bowl, you must replace it immediately as it not only wastes a lot of water but also causes significant damage to your floors and bathroom.

4. Broken Flange (Gasket)
A flange (also referred to as a gasket) is the apparatus that holds your toilet to the floor. If your toilet moves when someone sits on it, this is probably an indication that the flange is broken and needs to be replaced. Employ the services of a plumber to fix this problem.

5. Corrosion and Aging Plumbing
There is a good chance that if your toilet is leaking it is simply the result of corrosion due to aged plumbing equipment. Fixtures, pipes and all parts of your toilet are susceptible to issues associated with age. If this is the cause of the leak, be sure to consult a plumber as corrosion can potentially cause a great deal of physical damage.

If you know or suspect that your toilet is leaking, A Marco Plumbing can help you address the issue. We offer a wide variety of services that will help mitigate the damage resulting from a leaking toilet, whether it’s replacing a faulty toilet or repairing a broken flange. Contact us today to learn more about how A Marco Plumbing can help you!