4 Essential Tips for Home Plumbing Maintenance


While often overlooked, the plumbing in your home can be easily checked and maintained in minutes. Discovering a plumbing issue in the early stages is vital for the long term functionality of your pipes. Following this simple advice will not only ensure your pipes are in working order, but also prevent costly repairs in the future.

Check For Leaks and Pay Attention to Pressure Differences

A water leak is one of the most telling visible signs that something is wrong with your plumbing. Some indications of an underlying leak include damp cabinets, paint bubbling on your walls, and water around your appliances. Don’t neglect a simple leak or it could turn into a massive problem.

Another important aspect of plumbing maintenance is to keep an eye out for any noticeable pressure differences. If your sink or tub is lacking pressure, it could be a sign of a leak, clog or loose pipe fitting. If any of these are present, take action by finding the root of the problem or calling someone of experience to come have a look and make any necessary repairs.

Routine Drain Cleaning

Often, homeowners do not even think to clean their drains. This is a big mistake as blockages can build up over time resulting in inoperable pipes and costly repairs. There are both homemade and brand named cleaning agents that will help keep your pipes free of blockages.

It is best to run use these cleaners a couple times a month for the best results. This clears out any partial blockages that have accumulated during that time and prevents major clogs in the long run. Use the internet to learn how to create your own drain cleaner or to find which product is best suited for your needs.

Use Drain Covers

Drain covers are excellent when it comes to preventing unwanted materials from clogging your pipes. A cover is recommended for every drain in the house, but is crucial for your sinks and shower. By adding a cover to your shower or tub, the chances of hair clogging up your system is greatly reduced.

It is recommended to always have a cover in the kitchen sink where the dishes are washed. Food can not only cause backups, but also leave a nasty smell that requires a great deal of effort to eradicate. Drain covers are affordable and very effective plumbing maintenance tools.

Become Familiar With Your Main Shut Off Valve

In case of emergency, every homeowner should know how to completely shut down the water to their home. The main shut off valve should also be periodically opened and closed to ensure working order. Families that go on extended vacations leaving their homes unoccupied should consider shutting off this valve prior to departure to be on the safe side.

These preventive plumbing maintenance tips and techniques should be in every homeowner’s routine. They are very easy to perform and will save lots of money in the long run. Get in the habit of checking your plumbing to ensure functional longevity.

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